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aandeMacWrks aka A&E IT | SpeedThrills™ Mac UpgradesTunbridge Wells

aandeMacWrks aka A&E IT | SpeedThrills™ Mac UpgradesTunbridge Wells

aandeMacWrks | Low-cost SpeedThrillsLite Mac UpgradesTunbridge Wells

SpeedThrills™ Lite information
Upgrades start from £250
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SpeedThrills™ Lite is a low-cost development of our extreme Pro upgrade program. Using similar techniques, it offers all owners of Macs from
2012 onwards the opportunity to get up to 10x better performance and improve general responsiveness.


As any Mac user knows, technology moves on at a rapid pace and products exclusively designed for high-end models at premium prices, are now available to the rest of us at much lower cost. This includes virtually all machines running traditional mechanical 2.5in hard drives such as the popular 21.5in iMac and the diminutive, but useful Mac mini.
So if you've been holding off from upgrading your older Mac because of cost, think again.


By replacing the mechanical drive with a potentially larger capacity SSD up to 4TB, you can expect Apps to open swiftly and get lightning quick reactions to keyboard commands. It really does transform the day-to-day usability of these machines, as things just get done quicker.

To get SpeedThrills Lite you first need to book a FREE hardware test to determine the health of your Mac and pinpoint any specific faults. You can reserve your slot or ask any questions here.

The price to have all the work done including all necessary parts starts at around £250 with the machine returned in 1-2 days complete with your choice of a cloned drive or a ‘clean installation’.


A ‘cloned drive’ is the best option for those who’d like to retain all their data and Apps and have the machine ready for work as it leaves us - all with zero input from you.


A ‘clean installation’ is better for those who want us to optimise performance and get the best possible result from their SSD upgrade.
This option would require you to use Migration Assistant to move over all your personal data from a Time Machine back up or the old drive when the hardware work is complete and a fresh macOS installed - exactly like a new Mac.


For those that would prefer a turn-key solution learn more here. We can discuss the finer detail of any installation options at any time, but SpeedThrills™ Lite promises maximum performance for minimum cost and will extend the life of your machine significantly.


2.5in Angelbird SSD
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