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Say hello to SpeedThrills Pro and Lite™

Our SpeedThrills™ program, using SSD technology, RAM upgrades and macOS ‘clean system' installation has been synonymous with superfast Mac upgrades since 2013. Designed to maximise the performance of any Mac; they are a very cost-effective alternative to buying a new machine.


Now, fast-forward to 2023 and the cost of all but the most modern and extreme hardware innovations has fallen, bringing the substantial benefits of our original SpeedThrills™ program to all Mac owners at a very affordable price. So now all those running machines from 2012 onwards with older, slower mechanical hard drives can enjoy renewed vigour and reliability.
All at a price that’s never been possible with SpeedThrills™ before.


aandeMacWrks is now pleased to announce the arrival of SpeedThrills™ in two brand new flavours, SpeedThrills Pro™ and SpeedThrills Lite™.





Learn more about the substantial performance benefits and price savings of SpeedThrills™ Lite by clicking here. Or for our latest SpeedThrills™ Pro innovations click here.



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