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aandeMacWrks is 100% Mac-focussed and your best choice for superfast Apple Macs. We've developed our bespoke program, SpeedThrills™, specially for people with more sense than money.


Use your current Mac as a basis or click here if you'd like us to source one for you for you; SpeedThrills™ combines rigorous pre-flight checks, disassembly and cleaning, then perfectly matched hardware upgrades to include fast SSDs, PCIe NVME SSDs, RAM upgrades and digital thermal sensors that pass all Apple hardware tests. Finally we clean install a fresh macOS and then configure the Mac to deliver a machine that beats every expectation. There are no fan-control software hacks or performance-sapping clones made here. We do everything properly and the machine is hand-rebuilt from the ground up to make your Mac the fastest its ever been.

Plus they cost less than you'd think, with clean installation options starting at just £260. And just in case you were wondering, your personal data is kept safe and migrated back for you so you have no worries about losing anything.


We've been providing clients with SpeedThrills™ upgrades since 2013 and they have proven to be ultra-reliable delivering a cheaper and faster alternative to a new Mac. We offer the service for Macbook Pros, MacBook Airs, Mac Minis, iMacs and Mac Pros. There is no recent Apple computer that we can't completely transform in terms of speed and reliability.



A&E IT SpeedThrills™ Tunbridge Wells