aandeMacWrks aka A&E IT | MacWrksStore 'supply to order'Tunbridge Wells

The MacWrksStore is undergoing a radical rethink. We think you'll like what we're planning.


We've been offering refurbished and upgraded Macs in our store but it hasn't really worked for our clients because we may not have had the machine you want.


In fairness it hasn't worked for us either because we've invested in buying machines, rebuilding and upgrading without having a buyer in mind. And to be brutally honest, we've failed miserably to keep the stock listing up to date.

So we've been trialling 'supply to order' machines over the past year and it has enabled you to get the machine you want refurbished and upgraded totally to your requirements. Everyone who's bought this way seems to love it and it works well for us too. So we are planning to make this a permanent buying and selling arrangement for the MacWrksStore.

The first step if you're looking for a particular machine or one for a specific task is to contact us. We can then discuss the options and agree a price.

We will then source you a suitable Mac in as little as a few days.