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aandeMacWrks aka A&E IT | MacWrksStore 'we supply to order' service | Tunbridge Wells

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Choosing a new Mac can be an exciting time. But can you always get exactly the machine you want? Sure you can 'configure to order' but it's basically 'up the RAM' within strict limitations, pay through the nose for a little bit more storage, or even just choose the colour for your accessories.


aandeMacWrks has been custom-building Macs for a long time. We were amongst the first to offer two drives in a laptop and three drives in an iMac. Back in G4 days we even built a tower with six drives.

Generally we start with a used donor machine sourced for you following a conversation about what you need and what you plan to do with it. Click here if you'd like us to custom upgrade a machine you already own.

We can do things with some new machines too but it can jeopardise your warranty. It's far better to buy something used because you'll get a better basic specification and all the wearing parts are replaced during the strip, clean and rebuild process anyway. Your 'new' Mac is entirely rebuilt from an empty chassis by hand, with immense care and pride. We genuinely love our work and building one-off machines like this is truly rewarding.

After the hardware is done we'll configure software to deliver everything you had planned. Then test, test and test to make sure there are no hiccups before delivering it to you with all your data intact, iCloud services reconnected and all your required Apps freshly installed.

Try getting such a turn-key Mac solution from anywhere else.


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