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SpeedThrills Pro™ Power crazy, extreme upgrades
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Get the fastest ever upgrades
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SpeedThrills Pro™ is the third evolution of our original 2013 SpeedThrills™ upgrade program for Macs, representing the pinnacle of what can be achieved in high-end machines from Apple.


SpeedThrills Pro™ can typically combine perfectly matched SSD blade and/or 2.5in hardware upgrades, Apple OEM spec-busting RAM upgrades and totally clean software installation. These extreme, bespoke upgrades are custom-designed around your own specific needs.


The end goal is a machine that has had everything possible done to it to deliver an ultra-flexible, supremely fast and massively reliable workhorse capable of anything you throw at it. Surprisingly, it can even start with a machine that is under-performing and seemingly unhealthy. 


First we hardware test every machine free of charge. You can book that online here. Provided everything with the exception of worn drives passes these tests, we can turn any poor performer into a real flyer.


Second we make a bootable backup of your current machine. This gives us a means of full recovery should anything go awry. It rarely happens but is there to provide reassuring total insurance against any data loss.

We then strip the machine to a bare chassis and clean every single component. PRAM batteries are replaced, heatsinks have thermal paste renewal servicing wherever possible and the fan casing is split to remove hidden detritus impacting blade rotation and prevent bearing wear.


With everything spotless, we begin the rebuild process and on the way add your specific upgrade choices. The display is temporarily refitted and we format the SSD drives ready for a clean system installation of the latest applicable macOS, downloaded direct from Apple’s servers.


Once that is done, we check the operation of everything from sound output to video input to the correct functioning of all ports and rebond the display assembly to the prepared chassis.


Then we set up your user account and hand migrate all your personal data. This stage is crucial as part of the performance package. It eliminates old and redundant library items that would be moved to your machine by cloning.


Finally we invite you in to the MacWrks to reconnect your Apple ID and iCloud account and then download and clean install each of your Apps.


This is what ‘extreme upgrade’ means. By removing every possible performance-sapping imperfection, your machine is returned to you running at its very best and way better than new from the box.


Why not call us with your specific requirements? Let’s see if we can give you
your dream machine for much less than anything new from Apple.

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