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There’s a saying that haunts anyone who’s ever experienced catastrophic Mac failure…


‘If you fail to prepare be prepared to fail.’


We’d like to introduce ProGrade™, our simple new contract maintenance support service designed to take the panic out of an unexpected Mac failure -
or worse. 


Aimed at professional users like freelancers and SMEs; ProGrade™ uses a combination of 'any event' planned hardware and software maintenance, complimentary back-up regimes, and anti-virus/malware protection to minimise the risk of Mac failure/data loss and help minimise the effects of unforeseen 
damage or theft.


We’ll give all your Mac kit a healthcare check at the outset and examine how you work and what protective steps you already have in place to prevent disaster.


Then we’ll recommend tested and proven improvements that we’re confident will provide a good level of all-round protection for your set-up and particular circumstances.


With your agreement we will do everything necessary to set up and implement these plans and we will schedule daily, monthly and yearly events to make sure it does the job.


These events will happen remotely with email notifications of any impending issues sent directly to us with no intervention required by you. This is all backed up with a pre-arranged, bi-annual visit to physically check all your hardware with professional diagnostic tools.


So what happens if something goes wrong?


In the unlikely event that the maintenance steps we put in place fail to provide adequate warning, you’ll have a dedicated phone number and email address to contact us. You can then expect us to respond at the very earliest opportunity - just like we do now. However subscribing to ProGrade™ provides you with top priority meaning you automatically jump to the head of the queue.


The systems and protection we put in place should enable us to recover your system to a point where you should at least be able to continue with your business whilst we carry on with diagnostics and any necessary repairs.


ProGrade™ delivers the professional, priority Mac care you need, when you need it. But it does far more than that. By implementing a scheduled maintenance programme proven to highlight problems before they occur, you can be as confident as you can be that you’ll never need to make that dreaded call - or experience the devastation that comes if you fail to prepare.


Take the panic out of disaster. Let ProGrade™ by aandeMacWrks restore calm. Click here to learn how we can help you.

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