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ProGrade and Remote support
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‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’


Anyone who's ever suffered catastrophic Apple Mac failure will be aware of this expression by Benjamin Franklin. We'd add it's not 'if' but 'when'. And when it happens, there is a hard lesson learnt. You'll vow never to risk it again.


ProGrade™ is our contract maintenance support service for business and self-employed people designed to take the panic out of an unexpected Mac failure - or worse. ProGrade™ uses a tiered combination of 'any event' planned hardware and software maintenance - both remote and on-site, complimentary back-up regimes, and anti-virus/malware protection to mitigate the risk of Mac failure/data loss and help minimise the effects of unforeseen damage or theft.


We’ll give all your Mac kit a healthcare check at the outset, examine how you work and see what protective steps you already have in place to prevent disaster. Then we’ll recommend a tested and proven strategy that will provide a good level of all-round protection for your set-up and particular circumstances.


Let ProGrade™ by aandeMacWrks take the panic out of disaster.

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ProGrade scheduled care
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