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aandeMacWrks | Diagnostics Hardware Software RepairTunbridge Wells

Software/hardware problems resolved
Inside The MacWrks

A problematic Mac is a frustrating and unproductive experience. Fortunately
aandeMacWrks will expertly diagnose the problem for free*, then repair your machine quickly with genuine or upgraded parts making it better than new. We do it all, everything from routine servicing to hard drives to screens to power supplies to trackpads to batteries to complete and
comprehensive empty chassis rebuilds.


Visit us at the MacWrks in Crowborough or we can come to you.
Either way you'll need to reserve a slot and to get directions. 
We have easy, private parking right outside.


As friendly, geek-free professionals we'll explain everything we do in a language you'll understand. Where a hardware repair is indicated, we will take the machine for in-depth diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem. Then we'll email you a full report with your options, prices and our recommendations for repair.

*Diagnostics is free if we do the work or your Mac is irreparable.

Almost all hardware repairs require at least a partial dismantling of your Mac,

so aandeMacWrks will offer opportunities to take an upgrade path rather than just replacing a faulty part 'like-for-like'. Our upgrades will always improve a machine - making it faster and more productive than it ever was - even brand new from the box.

Your machine will be returned cleaned, with all your personal data intact (excepting total hard drive failure). No other Apple specialist can deliver our superior standards of service. That's why we're 100% 5 star rated.


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