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aandeMacWrks | Conditioning your new battery for performance | Tunbridge Wells

Pre-condition battery advice

Congratulations on choosing aandeMacWrks to supply and fit your new MacBook battery. You have chosen a top quality product which carries a limited one year warranty from the manufacturer. To support that we will also fit any authorised replacement free of charge.

The best thing you can do to prolong the life of your new battery is to condition it before use. Your Mac will have been returned fully charged where possible and this counts as one charge cycle completed.


So now you need to use the Mac from the battery until it discharges down to 5% or less. Then reconnect it to the charger and charge it fully to 100%. This process is quicker and more effective if you shutdown completely before doing this.

Repeat this cycle two or three times before using your Mac normally. You can expect maximum and long-lasting performance if you invest the time now.

To further prolong battery life during normal usage, quit any running Apps that  you're not using and close open windows. On some Macs you can enter low power mode by going to Settings or System Preferences then Battery.

Now learn about other improvements aandMacWrks can make to your Mac, such as our SpeedThrills™ upgrades.

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