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Upgrade options explained

You're here because you've already expressed an interest in a SpeedThrills™ upgrade by aandeMacWrks. We've worked hard to select the best hardware components to deliver a bespoke proposition especially for your Mac. No two clients are the same and neither are their needs or budgets.

So we've built this page to explain what the options are and why SpeedThrills™ relies on the sum of the parts to provide the best performance for your Mac.

In a paragraph, SpeedThrills™ is about thorough prep, cleanliness and care, rebuild quality, the most appropriate components, reliability and clean installation of software. Your personal data is always 100% safe.

In order to A speed the process, B reduce the price and C make your life easier, you may have heard some people talk about clones. A clone is a perfect replica of your old, worn hard drive placed on the brand new one. People like it because it delivers back a machine that looks familiar and has all your data where you left it. The premise is the new drive delivers back the speed you've lost with minimum downtime and minimal cost. On paper it makes perfect sense but in practice is it just a trick of the trade or is the panacea we've all been waiting for?

The truth is, it can be both. Recent macOS updates have made significant changes to the way drives are formatted and partitioned meaning a clean, operating system resides on a sealed partition separate from all third party Apps and your data. But cloning all your data and then updating the OS afterwards means all this has to happen on the fly and a lot of detritus remains impacting maximum performance. So by doing it properly at the point of a hardware upgrade is the best time because everything will be optimised to deliver the best performance from software and hardware.

Traditionally, aandeMacWrks has always completed SpeedThrills™ upgrades with clean software installation and the results speak for themselves. But it takes longer. In order to lower costs for our clients during difficult times, we face a choice to go against our principles and clone, or maintain high standards by accepting lower payments for completing our SpeedThrills™ software upgrades cleanly and properly.





So we decided to leave the final decision to you the customer.

You can now choose between our SpeedThrills Pro™ or SpeedThrills Lite™ options. For more information on either click here
or the individual logos above.


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