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'About Us' is actually about me.

My name is Rich and I am the owner of aandeMacWrks. I'm also the person who'll take the calls and respond to your emails, so you can always be sure you'll get a knowledgeable and honest answer to your questions.

I'll also be the one fettling your Mac - assuming you'll choose us to work on it.

What I do is not normal.

I have an unbridled passion for performance in all things, but reliability sits right alongside as a top priority. Those primary goals apply to everything I do with Macs. Nothing is irreversible and everything passes Apple hardware tests.

Unleashing power is a bit of a dark art.

But the real skill in making Macs the best they can be is taking care of the details. We never cut standards to beat a competitor's price, so you can be certain everything we do to your Mac is done thoroughly, properly and for good reason.

The Macs we deliver back never fail to surprise.

So how did I get to do this?

My Apple experience extends from a 25 year career in advertising and design as a creative. When we moved from magic markers to Macs, Steve Jobs was a renegade in a PC world. To repair or upgrade Macs back then meant lots of experimentation, research and doing it yourself. But we veered voluntarily towards 'think different' because in truth, we were renegades too.
That 'think different' attitude, thankfully, is still prevalent in the work I do today.

An Apple Mac repaired, upgraded or custom-built by aandeMacWrks can change your life, making you more productive. At the very least it will bring a smile to your face because there's always a little bit of that old-fashioned sparkle that comes from knowing your Mac has been properly and well looked after in our care.