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Hive is a hardware-based RAID system comprising of two hard drives in one small chassis. These can work together to provide everything from maximum protection against hard drive failure to a huge storage system for lots of data. 

How does Hive build a 'bootable' back up and what does it mean?


We put together a Hive solution to suit your own individual needs. Suppose you have a 500GB hard drive in your Mac and want the security of a dual bootable solution.

We would recommend a pair of 750GB drives (it's always advisable to back-up to larger drives) that we would install in the Hive enclosure and set the RAID to make two identical and bootable back-ups - one on each drive. In the event your 500GB hard drive fails, Hive will get you up and running in the time it takes to restart your Mac.


'Bootable' simply means the back-up drive is capable of restarting your Mac to enable you to continue working or diagnose the hard drive issues.


I have a Time Machine back-up. Can I not use that as a bootable drive?


No. Time Machine back-ups are not bootable but with Hive you can have one 'bootable' back up and one Time Machine back up.

Can I put all my music and photos on Hive and get auto back-up?


Absolutely yes! Hive is configurable in a multitude of ways. It is the most versatile and adaptable storage solution we've found. You can set Hive up to make identical copies of your media as you add it, or, you can use both drives to provide an enormous amount of space by combining them together.


How much is Hive? Why can I not just buy a cheap USB drive online?


Hive is tailored to your specific requirements and the cost is dependent on the drives chosen and the capacity of those drives. We only use premium quality hard disks suitable for those with data they cannot afford to lose.


Standard USB external hard drives purchased online or from department stores are cheap for a reason and that becomes evident when you can't access your data one day, or the drive starts clicking.

As a a guide, a Hive fitted with two 750GB Scorpio Black drives guaranteed by Western Digital for 5 years, configured and set up to suit your needs would cost approx. £260. Choosing smaller Scorpio Blue drives (1 year guarantee) would cost a lot less. 



  • 2-Bay, Twin hard drive RAID enclosure

  • eSATA, USB and twin Firewire 800

  • Individual disk activity LEDs

  • Disk monitor LEDs

  • Power LED and On/Off switch



  • Hive enclosure

  • Power supply for use with eSATA and USB

  • Firewire 800 cable

  • USB 2.0 cable

  • eSATA cable

  • RAID management software



  • Supply hard drives if required

  • Configure hard drives and RAID to suit

  • Fully install and configure software

  • Provide personal instruction for use

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