A&E IT |Why choose an A&E IT 'SpeedThrills' SSD upgrade path

Very average
Very Fast



The typical competitor
SSD upgrade offer.
Supply unknown SSD (Solid State Drive)
Dismantle machine
Remove old hard drive
Fit new SSD
Replicate old hard drive to SSD along with
pre-existing faults, malware and viruses
Reassemble machine
Collect Mac from client. Yes we collect.
Supply choice of SSD (Solid State Drive)
Supply data HDD up to 4TB
Backup all existing data
Pre-flight check machine for faults
Advise and fix as required
Dismantle machine
Clean out all dust and fluff throughout
Custom fit new SSD
Replace and return old hard drive
Reassemble machine
Clean install fresh Operating System
Custom configure OS for performance
Reinstall Apps where appropriate
Migrate client data only
Test, clean and re-optimise
Deliver back to client and reconnect
Full demo and report
The A&E IT 'SpeedThrills'
SSD/HDD upgrade offer.
'SpeedThrills' Super fast Macs by A&E IT

Solid State Drives (SSD) are the 'must have' upgrade. They can make any Mac much more responsive and deliver performance improvements you have to experience to believe.

Because they're relatively expensive per GB compared with a traditional hard drive, many people opt for a smaller capacity to reduce the cost. The downside is a massive reduction in storage capacity. If you have a large photo, video or music collection you have to invest hundreds of pounds in a large capacity SSD to cope with the data and deliver the performance.

A&E IT takes a different approach with its 'SpeedThrills' custom program. By configuring the OS we can give you a relatively low-cost, high performance SSD to run your system and Apps together with a high capacity HDD (standard hard drive) up to 8TB (8000GB) to store all your personal and valuable data. So you get pace as well as space. The best of both worlds.


You can learn more about 'SpeedThrills' in detail by clicking here, but the summary to the left compares a typical Apple specialist's upgrade to our own. We're happy to do a single SSD build if you wish, but in terms of the ratio between speed, capacity and cost per gigabyte, our 'SpeedThrills' option is a
real no-brainer.


Building a 'SpeedThrills' custom Mac is a measure of the trust that a client places in A&E IT to deliver a high-performance, reliable product. To help us achieve that we select the very best components available and take extreme care when upgrading every Mac.

Our SSDs come from a variety of sources and are value-matched to the needs of each individual client. Some are guaranteed for three years whilst others come with the reassurance of a 10 year warranty.


All are from industry recognised brands and because they are backed up by such good warranties, you can be sure that the SSD we select for you is built to withstand any heavy demands you'll make of it. In geek-speak this is called a 'high write limit'. In addition we look at other factors like 'cell technology', but hey, we promised not to get too technical. 


Let's just say we have our hard-earned 5 star Google+ ratings to maintain. In all the years we've been building superfast Macs, we've never had one single SSD fail us, or our clients.

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