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You know how it is, you have an interest in something outside of work and a friend mentions someone else with a problem you 'might be able to help with'...

...Like many parents Gary and Lucy Cooper are faced with ever rising costs. With
their daughter's school using Apple computers for lessons and the cheapest Mac around £800, it was looking to be an impossibility for Tilly to have her own
Apple computer that she badly needed to do her homework.

But, with a little help from friends on FaceBook, Gary and Lucy took ownership of a vintage G4 iMac. It needed a bit of TLC including a fresh operating system but a fortuitous post on an Audi TT Forum caught the attention of a friend of
a friend of AdamAndEveIT - The A&E IT Team came to the rescue and provided all parts, service, repairs, upgrades, software and configuration free of charge!



The whole installation, upgrade and cleaning process in minutes.
It's brilliant and
I absolutely love it.




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