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Music Server control

We've built MusicThrills™ around a 'trash can' Mac Pro. Simply by adding a portable DAC (digital to analogue converter) and some third-party audio ripping software; we have enabled the music to bypass the internal, sound-degrading circuitry of any Mac to deliver a whole 20,000+ track library in pure, high-resolution sound - at up to 4xCD quality - through any AirPlay enabled device or a full-size hifi system. The clarity is a revelation and delivers the music just as the artist intended. It all resides on a single or dual hard drive in the Mac that can be controlled via an App on the iPhone or iPad. So no streaming, no subscription and no more space-hogging CDs required. MusicThrills™ by aandeMacWrks gives you all your music at highest quality no matter what Mac you choose.


MusicThrills™ by aandeMacWrks plays daily from a library of 43000 songs at the MacWrks. Reserve a slot to come and audition it.