Mac Hi-Res Music Servers | Tunbridge Wells | A&E IT aka aandeMacWrks

Hear everything
the artist intended.
Control it all with
your iPhone or iPad.


Up to 4x CD quality

External digital/analogue converter

Familiar iTunes interface for ease of control

iPhone/iPad control with album art/ratings

Compatible with playlists and play counts

Works with existing hifi and wifi systems

Internet enabled for subscription services

We all love music and most of us use iTunes to play it. Apple wants us to use Apple Music. But could we do better?


                                    Apple Music streams at 256kbps. That means it is                                                          delivering less than a fifth of the digital information                                                 contained in the equivalent CD track. That is pretty                                              poor by any standards. We watch and demand Full HD or               even 4K TV yet we're expected to put up with mediocre sound when we play
our music. Why is that?


We've built MusicThrills™ - an iTunes based system developed around an upgraded Mac Mini. Simply by adding a portable DAC (digital to analogue converter) and some third-party audio ripping software; we have enabled the music to bypass the internal, sound-degrading circuitry of any Mac to deliver a whole 20,000+ track library in pure, high-resolution sound - better than 4x CD quality - through any AirPlay enabled device or a full-size hifi system. The clarity is a revelation and delivers the music just as the artist intended. It all resides on a single or dual hard drive in the Mac that can be controlled via an App on the iPhone or iPad. So no streaming, no subscription and no more space-hogging CDs required. MusicThrills™ by aandeMacWrks gives you all your music at highest quality no matter what Mac you choose.


So how high can high-resolution go? Well this system is capable of delivering audio standards at least that of a typical audio CD. And then companies like also offer the best sounding tracks available for download (at a price). But the rewards when coupled with a quality sound system speak for themselves. If you have CDs languishing unplayed in a cupboard somewhere, then now is the opportunity to rip them (just once) in lossless quality, make them accessible and controllable from all your devices and enjoy pure-sounding music just as it was meant to be heard.


Contact us today to see how MusicThrills™ by aandeMacWrks can unleash the sound quality you've already paid for.


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High resolution music. It just sounds better than low resolution music.

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