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5 good reasons to
choose a SpeedThrills™
custom-upgrade by A&E IT



We are pleased to confirm that A&E IT SpeedThrills™ custom upgrades are fully compliant with macOS ‘High Sierra’ and work perfectly with Apple’s brand new APFS file system optimised for Apple solid state drives.


All SpeedThrills™ upgrades from now on will automatically be configured with APFS so you can enjoy the same speed improvements offered by Apple for its new 2018 machines.


This screenshot shows a 2012 Macbook Pro already upgraded and running the new file system. The speed gains are immediate and fabulously obvious making SpeedThrills™ a better proposition than ever. 


With SpeedThrills™ you can enjoy all the speed benefits of a new Mac but with huge capacity too! Depending on your model, you can have up to 8TB of storage as well as SSD speed at a much lower cost than anything sold by Apple. It really is a ‘no-brainer’ for those who need champagne performance for lemonade money. And you can have your 'new' Mac in a matter of days!


Clients already running earlier SpeedThrills™ machines may also benefit from the APFS file system. If you would like A&E IT to safely perform the upgrade for you then please get in touch.



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